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Down Syndrome TAS

Down Syndrome Tasmania

During the month of October, we celebrate those with Down syndrome and make people aware of their abilities and accomplishments. People with Down syndrome have the same dreams and aspirations as anyone else. You can help us support people with Down syndrome and their families by making a donation and by joining us at a StepUP! event and walk with family and friends and as we demonstrate acceptance and inclusion for people with Down syndrome. 

About Down Syndrome Tasmania

Down Syndrome Tasmania (DST) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that was formed in 1984 with the principal aim of helping families of children with Down syndrome, and in particular, to help children with Down syndrome realise their full potential. We aim to encourage and provide support for people with Down syndrome to achieve their goals.

We embrace a community that includes and supports people with Down syndrome and their families.

We provide:
  • Family support, also ensuring that new parents have ongoing access to available support
  • Professional development and training for education professionals and parents
  • Dance groups and community events for members
  • An annual family camp providing all family members the opportunity to engage with each another along with access to services and training

Down Syndrome Tasmania is a proud member of Down Syndrome Australia.

Events in Tasmania

Ulverstone 2019
12th October

Otto's Grotto - Children's University
Registration time: 10:30 am
Walk start time : 11 am

Hobart 2019
19th October

Parliament Lawns
Registration time: 10:30 am
Walk start time : 11 am

Launceston 2019
27th October

Tailrace Park
Registration time: 10:30 am
Walk start time : 11 am