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As everyone know (because I don't shut up about it)
This will be the second year I host Step UP! For Down Syndrome on the Mid North Coast.
This is such an important event for me and all the other families who live in this area.
Not only is Step up a day for people to meet and have a good time, its a day for us to celebrate our ABILITIES rather than disabilities and just be ourselves. On top of all of that, we get to raise money for Down Syndrome NSW, an organisation very close to my heart and one that has been there for my own family many times.
All my friends ask me "what can I do to help", well, heres what you can do...donate. even if it's a couple of dollars, it will all help. This money directly goes to people living with Down Syndrome, their families and their carers.
It might help with someone getting advocacy, it might help someone with accessing a library specific to their needs, or perhaps it will go in an information/support pack to an expecting mother...Maybe training for Doctors/support services...either way, it will directly be helping people with Down syndrome

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