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#21YourWay WA

Can’t make it to an in person event? No problem! Join in with #21YourWay by choosing a personal challenge and raising funds for your local Down syndrome association. Share your challenge on socials with the hashtag #21YourWay.


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$5,000 goal

If you’d like to StepUP! for Down syndrome in 2021 but there isn’t a local event near you, never fear! Join in online with #21YourWay.

#21YourWay is a national campaign hosted by the Down Syndrome Australia Federation raising funds for state and territory associations. All funds raised will support the Down Syndrome Australia Federation to continue their work in supporting and empowering people with Down syndrome to have full access to social and economic inclusion.

You might pledge to walk 21 minutes a day, bake 21 cookies, plant 21 trees, or run 21 kilometres throughout October. The choice is yours!

Why 21? Down syndrome is also known as trisomy 21 which refers to the presence of a third copy of chromosome 21 in everyone who has Down syndrome.

Need inspiration?

Play 21 songs in
Take 21 pictures
in October
Ride, run or walk
21km in October
Learn 21 dance
moves in October
Plant 21 trees in
Bake 21 cupcakes
in October
Give 21 acts of
kindness in October
Do 21 push ups each
day in October

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